The Beginning: Revisited

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The Beginning: Revisited Empty The Beginning: Revisited

Post by Cedahlia on Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:57 am

In Eterna forest is where we find our young heroes today, you may remember this from the start of our story.

Before Drake changed everything and it all started a new. But they were still in the very same place at which their adventure had started.

And it was going to start the same way....

Hikari and Drake were helping two local girls with a problem in the forest. Their names where... That's right, you guessed it, Mireya and Mandisa.

And yes, they were also inside the ruins of a temple.

And yes, they were reaching for the orb right now. As we speak, they're slowly reaching for the orb while I refresh your memory on how it began.

But now that I've done that, their story can change.

The two hands touched the orb and they were sucked through it and into another time. Feudal Japan, in fact. They landed inside a beautiful temple.

Both started in disbelief at the room before them.

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