The Mysterious M! 14 Days left

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The Mysterious M! 14 Days left

Post by Athy on Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:39 am

Nel was walking down the hall with Bryna, they were heading to gym class. Usually, she would skip it or give an excuse as to why she couldn't do it. It just didn't interest her like fencing and dancing did.

But today she'd figured she'd cut the teacher some slack and just do it. Even if she would be bored. "How are things either Liron?"  She asked Bryna as she opened the door to the locker room, her eyes on her friend.

She wasn't sure what caught her attention first, perhaps the smell. Maybe it was the dark writings on the wall that said;

'Dearest darkest one, this man has raped and murdered many women. He is my gift to you.

Not long now.

14 days left.

M xxx'

(not that her brain quite acknowledged that. It's mostly for you.)

Or the body. But she felt like everything was suddenly in slow motion. Her brain was already aware that shit was not right. At all. But her body was taking its time turning its head, her hand took too long to reach her mouth.

Her ears took too long to acknowledge Bryna's scream.


That was Nel screaming at the top of her lungs.

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